Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too early!

So it's 1207 am Wednesday morning. Why am I awake you ask??? Well let me tell you. It seems my body may be gearing up for a baby to be born soon, ack! I am 37w 2d and well was hoping to make till next weekend when my mom and sis will be here (38.5w) For the last two days I have felt so miserable and cranky and snappy. Very unstable if you will. Today however it was worse and along with it I have been uncomfortable. Baby bug who now has a name....(but you will all have to wait till she arrives to hear it) has been shifting/moving a lot. She seems lower and I have felt a lot of pressure and twinges was down low. As the day went on it continued on. This evening after Jadens tball game which is hysterical to watch by the way. I brought the kids home, gave them a bath and put them to bed.

Came down had a bite to eat and all of a sudden got woozy and starting feeling "weird" Went to the bathroom and well now hours later I am still feeling weird/off. I am having contractions on and off, I am peeing like crazy and I have all of a sudden been hit with the urge to get my sh**t together. As in finshing packing my bag and the kids bags and well I may go clean the bathroom too. I am freaking out a bit. I am not exactly mentally prepared to have her this early.

Funny thing is..just yesterday I was talking to a friend (karen) about being so relaxed about the whole labor and birth that I'm not even packed yet and still need to do a few things. She informed me that it may send the baby signals that its ok to stay in there way longer than I want. So I started packing and getting prepared. Apparently I have now sent her the Come Out Now signal. So I have been talking to her telling her it's not quite time and she needs to wait a bit.

So hopefully I can go to bed now and sleep and wake up in the morning my normal self and we will carry on with our regularly scheduled day. But then I have a contraction (like right now) and I wonder if that'll be the case...........

I will of course update if things progress. Or if they don't...

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