Friday, June 26, 2009


Jay was told by the nurse to take his pain meds before going to bed in case the nerve blocker wore off in the middle of the night.... So he took two tylenol with vicoden one at 11pm and then one an hour later at midnight...

At 2:30 he was awoken by pain. By 3 he was puching the bed. I gave him a percocet. Then Dr Leitman. He said to give him another percocet and continue with them 2 every 4hours. As they are stronger than the vicoden.

Around 3:20 he began to talk a LOT. About the pain...and the pain meds, by 3:30 he had moved on to talkin about the kids. I went and grabbed the laptop and put on some music for him to listen too. He then played tetris and snood His talk became a little lighter and I noticed he wasn't talking about the pain as much. Eliza had woken up and joined our early morning "party". At 5am he was starting to settle and sleep, still talking about why the pain was still there? At 5:30 he asked for another percocet, and honestly I can't even remember if I gave it to him??? I know thats bad.

We all did eventually fall asleep. Its now 8am and he is still sleeping I just woke him to give him another dose of the percocet hoping it will ward off the pain before it starts again.

So I am exhausted... and can only hope that the percocets continue to work and he doesn't have to feel that pain again.

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