Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in the U.S....for now

My lil sis has returned from a 5 week stint in Haiti. This after a semester abroad in India earlier this year. Here she is with Eliza who by the way is now 2 months old!! She was there doing work for a group called PID (partners in development) this is her second time there, her first was when she was in 8th or 9th grade. It's time we got used to her travels in and out of the country. As they won't be ending any time soon, they are in fact just beginning. Japan may be in her near future as well...

As for Eliza the 2 month old she is just perfect! Growing happy and strong. Her checkup revealed that she continues to grow well now up to 11lbs 6oz, she is still hanging out in the 75th percentile. She is smiling like crazy and oh so very strong, holding herself up with ease.
The summer is going by fast. I'm hoping to get in a few fun adventurous things, a trip to the zoo, a free movie, maybe a trip up north. I had no expectations for us. No big plans except the move of course!
Jaden and Annie are thoroughly enjoying our new yard. Spending time on their bikes without having to ride in the road, running through the sprinkler, and just playing.
I need to get my sewing machine out ( of course I need to find it first:) I have the itch to sew/craft bad and with baby showers and birthday parties I have lots to make to fulfill that itch. Of course finding the time may be another story but the kids are going to be with ease these days and so with a better management of my time I should be able to squeak in an hour or two in the morning and evening...
Mark your calendars now..... August 7,8 and 9th

We will be having a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC Yard Sale....
The Yard Sale Queen (aka: my mom) will be running the show. We'll have everything from baby toys to lamps, dishes and glasses to i don't even know what! So send the word out now tell your friends neighbors and relatives to come to::

2400 Graydon rd

See you then....

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