Saturday, July 25, 2009

homemade ice cream and wandering thoughts...

There is peace in the house. It's early 8:30. Theres a pile of dishes in the sink and counter. Recycling over filling the bags. Clothes that need to be folded (again) and to be washed. But a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream was calling. So I sit and enjoy the peace and quiet and my ice cream alone. Until a tiny voice calls out...more of a yelp I guess, one that says "mama I need you" without actually saying it.

Tonight was easy. Jay went to bed early tired after watching the older two today while I enjoyed an afternoon with Eliza at a friends baby shower. Jaden and Annie went to sleep with ease, something they have been doing lately. Something that makes this moma happy! The house is quiet, almost too quiet, oddly quiet even.

Lately it seems there is so much that needs to be done, that I want to do that I find it hard to focus to get any of it done. So I do nothing. My mind wanders then races...trying to sort through the needs and wants. In an attempt to get some gifts cranked out and done in a timely manner I ulled out my sewing maching the other day and began to sew and craft and it feels so good. A blanket for Annie to bring outside and have picnics on, a pair of pants for a sweet little boy yet to be born (see above) A skirt for Annie and a sling for Eliza, a frame also for just the cutest little boy who just turned one. Another frame that also needs to be painted for another little boy who is turning one. Ahhh I love to sew and paint and craft. I love giving a gift that I made and seeing it opened and loved. The knitting needles will be pulled out soon too, as I found a hat that needs to be made for my oldest, who has gotten a bit shorted in the mama made department. Remember that checkers set um yeah well it's still not quite completed yet. Soon Soon I suppose. But he has been wanting a mama made hat since last fall, I suppose it's time to make him one, yes I know it's summer and hot but atleast if I start now I should have plenty of time to finish before the winter season is upon us once again.

heres some blanket love!!
and heres one sweet little girl getting some smooches from her Noni who just happened to have a birthday on monday. One who has just reached the ripe old age of 22....atleast thats what she keeps telling us....for those of you wondering her birth age well i'll only tell you that she was 18 when i was born back in 1979 . She turned 19... 5 months later. Happy Birthday Moma a tad bit late on here... love you!

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