Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some thoughts...

We said goodbye to Nana and Papa on Thursday evening... They were in Kansas today, making their way out west. To their new home in Colorado.

Life continues to be very busy for us... on a daily level and just in general. So much to do so little time to get it done. We still have some things left at the old house that I just can't seem to find the time or a vehicle to get it out of there. A vehicle has been found to help but finding the time is a struggle. There was a very huge yard sale today that will continue on tomorrow. It proved to be very much worth the effort and time to do it as lots was sold! With most of the things we don't want out of the house there is space now for our stuff. Hopefully on Monday with my moms help I will get most of the big stuff furniture and bed into the house and set up before I leave.

Then it will be a lot of work work work when I get back trying to settle us in and make it our home.

Jaden starts Kindergarten the end of the month and so we are slowly working on getting the things we need for that..clothes school supplies, paperwork. Ahh just so much.

Jay has a big plastic boot on his leg, that will come of the 17th, he can then drive but will not be able to lift anything therapy will start soon after it comes off.

Summer seems to be coming to and end quickyly and I'm feeling very much like I have missed out on all of its goodness. I feel jipped. Maybe it'll stay warm for longer than normal this year?
One can only hope

All in all it's been a good summer just really crazy, Eliza is doing fabulous and the kids continue to shower her with lots and lots of smothering love and kisses!

Pictures to come soon....

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