Saturday, October 24, 2009

the quiet stillness of the morning..sort of.

I awoke early this morning as I always do. Partly because Eliza is ready to be awake and play and partly because I've grown to like the early morning time before the rest of the house is up. It helps that I'm getting enough to sleep to do this of course. Because if not well then I am wakened by the sweet sweet sounds of their sometimes loud little voices!
I took her into her room to change her thinking ahhh I'll go down have a cup o' coffee and type a little post. Then, Jaden woke and I took him back to his room. Then Annie woke and try as I might her little self just would not go back to sleep. So down she came blanket and pillow in hand plopping herself on the couch. As I sit here typing this Jaden has since come down and they are snuggling on the couch together.
It's been a long week well not really but this morning it feels like its been a long week. Jay's mom is still here and we've been enjoying her company and presence. I think she's been enjoying the homemade dinner's, as well as getting in her Nana time with the kids.

I have been fighting a wee cold all week and I think it's finally decided to surrender itself my powerful germ killers are just too much for them to stick around. Jaden came home from school on Monday informing me 9 kids were out sick out of 22~ ack thats a lot! So the immune building drops came out and have since been given 2-3 times a day all week. On Thursday he came home said his head hurt, then his belly hurt, then he spiked a fever. As it turns out this was the course of the ick germ going through the classroom. So Friday he stayed home woke feeling hot but cheery. The fever spiked some that evening but not as bad and this morning it seems there is no fever. I'd like to think that his echinacea blend along with his probiotics some good homemade chicken stock soup were factors in helping him with a mild but swift recovery.

His teacher is very diligent about hand washing and santizing and so it occurred to me well my mom really :) that putting back the good healthy bacteria would be a really good thing for him., Which is why we are giving the probiotics, we are actually all taking them. I feel good about that.

Eliza by the way is 5 months and really deserves a post of her own but I just need to put on record that she was sitting all by herself yesterday on the floor holding herself some of the time with her hands! She was also trying hard to crawl on the couch getting a knee up under twice.

She is a beautiful mix between her older brother and sister. She has this amazing contentment with life, she is sweet and strong and snuggly and full of smiles. It's amazing how each child has impacted me in such profound ways. All totally different but all very profoundly. There is something really really cool about that.

~eliza was just taking a cat nap in her swing next to me when she awoke with a start and is now screaming and smiling at the top of her lungs happy as a clam! I love it.~

the house is now longer quiet and still..............

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