Saturday, June 19, 2010

my garden is....

making so very happy!!

Every morning I go out weed, water and wander through it. It's a good size not too big, as it is our first garden but not too small either. I didn't plant as much as I had wanted too, but I am okay with that. But I have a good selection.

The two front and left are eggplants, to the right are strawberries, which I think I am going to move next year to there own little area, well big area as I want them to have more space to spread and grow, along the edge are Jays' cut flowers that he was so very excited about planting, and next to them are sunflowers that are just stretching and reaching every day closer to the sun.

The zucchini were planted to close to each other and the tomatoes and the cucumbers. oops!
They were just these tiny little plants when I put them in and forgetting that cucumbers spread and are viny and that zucchini plants grow big and huge...and well you get this scene below a bit of overcrowding!! Oh and theres a line of carrots to the left of the zukes and cukes that are doing well but are being crowded by said zukes and cukes...
and these are my beans, bush beans to be exact, they are doing well and just today I found little pink flowers growing!! These photos were taken about few days ago.
and here are my sad little snap peas, planted too late I am afraid, they are producing peas but they are tiny and not very sweet. But just they other day I noticed two of them have new healthy green shoots with flowers growing from them, which gives me hope we may get just a few more peas before it just gets too hot for them. They also need to be staked.
There are also watermelons and cantelopes growing which look beautiful. We have harvested a few cucumbers and we even got a few strawberries which was fun! I can't wait to go out in the mornings by myself or with a few littles beside me to harvest the bounty...soon, soon!

this garden is making so very happy theses days...feeling thankful for what can come from a tiny seed, a bit o' sun, water and some dirt can do.

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  1. FANTASTIC~ I miss you, dear friend. We need to play soon! <3 Kelly