Friday, July 2, 2010

How does your garden grow?......

My garden is growing faster and bigger than I had ever imagined..those tiny little tomato plants that we planted back in Mid- May have grown as tall as me!

Our limes are growing slowly but there are at least eight on this tiny little "tree", the lemons are not as plentiful hopefully next year!

I am just in awe at the size, I wanted something big enough to grown a variety but not too big that I am overwhelmed, I think so far this is working for us but my head is already cranking out plans as to what to grow and where to grow it to better suit its needs.

watermelon baby, so cute. It appears as if we are going to have a plethora of watermelon and cantelope, if they all grow to maturity I believe there will have to be a roadside stand for just the melons, seriously there are 20 melons out there growing ~ YIKES~ I'll keep you posted and let you know if and when there are any available ;)
Eggplants are looking lovely~
Cherry tomatoes~are turning red (though not in the picture)
ra ra ra ah ah ah roma roma ma!!

cantelopes, cute and fuzzy~
sunflowers growing amidst the cut flowers...tomatoes in the middle watermelon and cantelopes taking over beans to the far right!

Flox and echinacea~

Yes the garden is beautiful and bountiful, we are picking zucchini daily, cucumbers every few days and the green beans are in need of harvesting. The cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen, even ate a few yesterday!, the roma's are right behind and there are more big tomatoes than I can count!

The kids go out every morning and evening and in between. Jaden went out to water before I even got out of bed the other morning! Eliza is also finding herself hanging around, picking leaves and munching on the green beans.

It has really become such a wonderful place for us to hang, next year I want to build it so that there is a place to sit and be, maybe amidst the cut flowers...sort of a fairy type childrens garden. Where they can go and sit amongst the growing plants, they seem to want to just hang out, but because of space and the craziness of the melons there isn't much room.

I hope you enjoyed out little garden tour!

We will be away for the next week or so on vacation...I am sad to leave our garden but I am hoping to leave it in the hands of a very capable neighbor to tend to it while we are gone...I can't wait to see what happens in a week. I am not sure if I'll be back this week, but I'll try.

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  1. That's awesome honey! The garden looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Love the idea for next years plan to create an area to sit - reminded me of the movie "The Secret Garden" - one of my fav's as a kid! : ) Enjoy your trip...I hope you get everything packed and still have time to get a little sleep! We will catch up when you get back! ~Tammy