Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There was a crooked man...

This my friends is the entrance to Storyland. A little ol' amusement park located up in the White Mountains near North Conway. It is quite a sweet little place, based on nursery rhymes and the like.


The three little pigs live here and really I have to tell you I want three little pigs now just so I can build these house and put them in my yard, I'm not sure the neighborhood is pig friendly though...


This here is our "hot, humid, foggy mirror, everyone looks tired/cranky but Mama wants a picture of our reflection please just stand right here, pleeease" picture.


the swan boats were offered up as my ride to go on with the kids...I had been avoided all other rides do to their spinning, swinging, round and round-ing, that my head and stomache just can not take any more. Thank you my sweet husband for obliging our children and taking one for the team..I happily accepted the swam boat ride where my only job was to udder directional words,"go left, go right, the other right....straight now, over there away from everyone else please."


Ahh and here is Cinderella, all hot and sweaty she did have a good spirit which was nice cause surely there is nothing worse than a cranky, hot Cinderella! She did want to sign Annie's cast though, she said so about 3 or 4 times...I did not have a pen and all Cinderella had was a fan and a we left but not without a quick little visit with Eliza (see picture below Annie's)


It was all going great Eliza was quite happy sitting there I snapped a photo and happened, Eliza burped in her pannies (diaper) while sitting on this poor girls lap and if I only could have had my video camera to capture the moment, the expression on Cinderellas face was priceless. I do believe she said something to the effect of ...."She just farted on me"!


Eliza sat almost the whole time happily in her stroller people watching.


Cuckoo Clockenspiel


The torture turtle. Well for Jay anyway ;)


It was a good trip and the kids seemed to have fun...I would like to interrupt this writing to bring you the weather.....beep, beep beep
It is absolutely downpouring right now, the sky has opened up and letting go. Normally I would think to much about it but I can't remember the last time it rained this hard? It has been so dry here our lawn looks like a dessert
I do hope there are no floods because dry grounds and heavy rains do not mix well....

Okay moving on....Storyland was great next up on our journey The CogRailway, MT Washington. Yes we took a train up a mountain, the tallest moutain in N.England and actually it was fun. I'll be back here tomorrow to give you the pictorial tour!

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  1. what fun!! i love the story about the little crooked man...a good idea, actually, for a house design with the staggered window frames.