Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been a neglegent of this space as of late...I have been wanting to post but always want to include pictures but I am terrible at uploading them, but I thought I should at least drop on by and let you all know what we've been up to.

Thanksgiving was lovely, quiet and peaceful it was just the 5 of us. I made a big ::read:: HUGE turkey and 18lb 'er and it was quite the sight on Thanksgiving day when I took it out of the fridge only to realize I had forgotten to buy a pan to cook it in...after a little searching a trip to a friends house we got it in the oven, just barely any bigger and it wouldn't of fit! We had all the fixings all from scratch and it was delicous and it fed us for a week! With enough turkey leftover to make it till spring!!

We have mostly been house bound, not intentionally it's just where our rhythm is, it has gotten very cold here as of late woke up to the 20's this morning! and being in the house warm and cozy cleaning, decluttering, crafting and cooking has felt good.

With only a few weeks left to the Solstice and Christmas and 12 days till Noni arrives there is still plenty to do...and my mind is beginning to feel I am going to follow a bit in MaryBeths shoes over at Salt and Chocolate and try to get it all on paper and in a bit of order and into lists.
My whole deal is that I am a very last minute thinker. I try and think about christmas earlier in the year or atleast in the fall and I start to gather some ideas but it 's not usually till Late Novemeber December that I get my BIG ideas in which case all need to be made and well there is not much tie left. I need to shift my brain to think christmas in July! that way I'll be ready...maybe?

There are things to sew, things to knit, things to cut and build...

Of coures in the midst of all of this Holiday merry making I am rearranging furniture and freshening up the house...I do wish this feeling would have hit earlier or at least waited till after the holidays but alas it has not and I for one am not going to let this feeling pass with out taking afvantage of it!

I'm seeking inspiration for the house over on flickr in the corners of my home group

Holiday inspiration is being found here, here, here ....


  1. please come and check our blog and give us your honest opinion. Thanks. Happy Holidays!!!

  2. wishing you a peace-filled new year. thanks for your recent comments on my blog!