Thursday, February 24, 2011

a walk is never just a walk...

It's an Adventure!!

We loaded up the stroller and the bikes yesterday to head out for a walk along the intercoastal near my moms house.

We were searching the water for manatees and the mound of grass/dirt beside for gopher turtles. There are all these poles stuck into the ground and beside each one is a gopher turtle just so happened that almost all of the holes had turtles peeking out of them! Which was so fun, especially since Eliza is obsessed with turtles, seeing them, saying their name...which started back in Delaware and continued on here as Noni is a turtle lover and has them all over here house.

This turtle stopped traffic as it crossed the walkway to get some grass for nibbling. We watched it for a bit, all the while holding Eliza back from running up to it and quite likely picking it up on the spot without much thought.

off trail searching....

sisterly love..holding hands...trying to keep Eliza on the right side..lots of bikes going past us!

after both girls got tired and Annie decided she was done riding her bike and Eliza was just not willing to share the only "seat" in the front...a bit of creativity was needed as I needed one hand to push a stroller and one hand to pull a bike and no hands left to keep the youngest from running into gopher turtle holes and/or into the path of the bikes..Also Annie was just refusing to on top of the stroller Eliza went, quite happily too!

We were right next to the airport and as we headed back the planes we flying right over our heads as they flew in to land. So cool! The kids loved watching them fly over us we could almost see inside the cockpit!

the kids had fun but we were definitely tired by the end...

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