Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's Thursday morning, the kids are playing with Legos, Eliza is on my lap (correction "was"), and I am taking advantage of this quiet moment to write. We left Florida Tuesday morning early, really early 415am early, plopped our still drowsy littles in the car, said our goodbye and headed North. The all fell back asleep quickly and the ride was quiet and peaceful. The stars were out and out my window was a very bright one, I made some attempts to figure out if it was a start or planet but came up empty... As the miles past by us, my thoughts turned to our 3.5 week our transition back home, to starting back up with our schooling, to the spring planning that will begin, to ordering seeds, to spring cleaning to how I'll miss that warm sunshine state and my mom.

We made 5 stops that day and at 930 that night we pulled into our driveway here in Delaware. 17.5 hours from Venice Fl to Wilmington De, we are crazy, I know. But the kids were great a few moment here and there, but they read books, played games on the computer and Daddy's phone took naps, and watched a couple we pushed on. Darkness turned to light and light turned to darkness and we were home, and the kids crawled into their beds (two in our bed) with big smiles on their faces happy to be home.

Delaware greeted us with dark, cloudy and cool skies yesterday and today a dark cloudy rainy day is what we were greeted with. Yesterday I struggled with the weather, the transition, all the things that need to be done, the unpacking, the cleaning, and the list went on. Today Michael Franti is playing throughout the house, there is giant rainbow hanging on my wall, a person with a giant smile hanging up too, the kids are playing and happy, and when I look out the window and see the rain pouring down I know that spring is near, and that means warm weather sunny skies, flowers, playing outside, picnics, baseball season (with two players this year!) and our garden. All of which are making me happy. So today while the rains come down I will be thankful for our time spent in Florida, for the break we had from the winter here, for the sunshine and beach we had, for time spent with Noni, and for all the wonderful things the rains will bring to us.

thankful too of course that we are all back together again....

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