Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The month ahead...

The month of december is always a favorite of mine. So much to do, see and make! It always comes fast after thanksgiving and I'm usually quite behind in my planning and preparing feeling like I need a break after thanksgiving before jumping in to Christmas. But after an impromptu trip up north for thanksgiving, I returned feeling ready to plan December, because planning always seems to make things seem less chaotic ( such profound thoughts I have!) anyway... Today I spent some time planning out our advent calendar. This is where planning can be a good thing since last year the advent didn't make it into our days. There were a few blogging mamas that posted there lists for their calendars and they inspired me to get on the ball. Each little tin will have a slip of paper or a gold chocolate coin. On each piece of paper will be something to do, or make or see. Giving us a little bit each day to enjoy the season, do some merry making, and be together. I'm excited about it, one of the first things will be tickets to a play in Philly that my sister and I have been talking about taking them to: Charlottes Web! Should be fun and a great way to start off the month.

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  1. I bet they will love to see Charlotte's web. Such a wonderful idea for an advent calendar.