Monday, January 9, 2012

Early morning quiet

I woke early this morning, it was and is still dark outside. There's something about sitting in a quiet, everyone-is-still-sleeping house in the wee hours of the morning that I do so love.

I've been reading a few blogs... Like this one: exhale, return to center A new one to me. I'm thinking about the day ahead, the two appointments we have, the schoolwork we need to begin, the change of pace I want to start. The messes, and laundry that need to be cleaned and washed. The birthing bag that at almost 36! weeks along I'm feeling ready to pack.

But my mind is also quiet and not overwhelmed and that feels good. 2012 has brought with it a sense of peace, a calm that I am so loving right now. That I am soaking up to the fullest.

Over at Susannah Conways's blog she talks here about choosing a word for the year... At first I thought I couldn't do that choose one word for the whole year?! But as I sat down and started to fill out her her workbook pages I couldn't help but feel drawn to the word
Embrace. It seemed to fit the things that were in the cards for the year along with were I feel my heart, mind and soul need to be directed towards.

And please excuse the not so great picture my iPad was all I had in hand.

So my word for 2012 is Embrace.

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