Thursday, March 26, 2009


This afternoon while driving in the car to the Chiropractor, Jaden out of the blue starts asking about cavemen? Why did the dinosaurs eat them? I told him they didn't live with the dinosaurs. When did they live he asks? He then goes on to guess 1804? 1600? He went back to 1400 trying to guess the answer himself. I told him it was millions of years and when we got home we would look into it more. Well we did that and it brought on lots more questions and statements from him. They had to fight and kill their own food because there were no grocery stores he informed me. I found pictures of these early beings and he was amazed. I tried explaining that some people think we are from gorillas. That was interesting! I tried to find a site with basic information but alas I did not find one. They were all very detailed and informative.

I finally asked what brought on his interest in cavemen and he said "remember when I watched about them in animal planet" Well I can't exactly remember but I think it was weeks ago maybe over a month when he did! I wonder sometimes where he comes up with this stuff. A couple weeks ago he asked where did we come from? and where did the sky, and trees and clouds and sun and the other planets and the whole earth come from??? All in one big breath. Jay taking the easy way out told him to ask him teacher! I'm not sure he ever did.

I think I may need to invest in some encyclopedias soon as I think this is only the beginning of the questions, they're only going to get harder and harder.

He has such a love of learning and such an interest in the world around him. I just love that about him! I hope it stays with him forever.

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