Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday I did a little crafting! These here cute little tracings are the beginnings of some Jelly bean bags I found here at the purl bee. They are quite easy to make and quite fun too!

Heres all the felt cut out. I need to get some more my color range is lagging.

While I was doing that Jaden took my tracing peice and decided to do a little craft of his own...

He made paper jelly beans and as you see above wrote names on the back of them to give them out to people. They came out so cute!

I have gotten quite a few sewn up when I get the rest I'll post a picture of them. I'm going to put them in the kids Easter baskets. They know they are jelly beans but don't what they are going to turn out to be. FUN!!

and for the fun of it my cute belly at 32.5 weeks! I just had an appt on friday (33.5wks) and all is well! Baby bug is still head down but appears to be posterior. Meaning her back is against my back so her feet and hands are facing my front. Not so good. So I'll be spending lots of time hunched forward and on the ball trying to get her to shift position. In a little over 2 weeks I will be considered full term at The Birth Center! But of course am hoping baby bug waits till mid May to make her entrance. My babes are on the small side as it is don't need them coming too early.


  1. Glad to here things are well! are you thinking of water birthing this time around?? Is it strange I'm so jealous you get to have another birth?
    Do we know boy or girl and what are the name choices?

  2. Cute belly! The jelly beans are really cute too--I'm sure the kids will love them.

  3. Yes Shanan I am totally going for a waterbirth! I don't find it strange your jealous but I'm weird too:) Its a girl and we have no clue on names yet?! Getting down to the wire eh?

    Thanks Mary Beth, the kids did love the jelly bean bags too!