Friday, March 6, 2009

A new beginning

A fresh start.....

I'm excited about creating a new space for us here. I have high hopes it will give you a better peak into our lives. We have a busy exciting year ahead of us. A year of change. Somethings are big and easy to see and talk about others are small and more inward, more personal.

Heres a quick glimpse:

May: arrival of baby numero 3 and Aunti Jamie arrives "home" from India
June (the end): Jays parents pack up and move out of there house
July(the beginning): we move in!
September: Jaden starts Kindergarten

Yes we will be very busy but there is so much to look forward too. We are truly blessed.

AND for a little sweet treat before I leave you ...heres a few pictures from a few weeks ago when we took a little venture to the beach with the kids. It was really windy but in the 50s. They had a blast collecting shells and crabs.

umm heres my lil naked helper!! heehee

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