Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little sunday family time

Sundays have turned into our grocery shopping day. We also on occasion head over to a favorite place for breakfast, Purebread in Greenville. This morning Jaden decided he was going to pay for his egg and cheese on a croissant which he has done before but it's always cute to watch him pay. After that we head to Trader Joes and stock up for the week. Today we decided to head on over to Bellevue State Park to get out and enjoy the warmth, after getting the groceries put away. The sun was hiding but with the temps in the mid 60's it was too nice not to get out. In an attempt to take more pictures of the kids and life in general I brought along the camera and so I'll just stop here and leave you with some shots of our adventure as it always is one when you are out and about with kids!

As a side note on Jaden paying we have started giving him an allowance since he has taken a great interest in money and well also has a small case of the "i wants". So since Jay and I are in the midst of taking a finacial class we thought we would instill some of what we are learning into him. He gets $3 on Sundays and is to put $1 in each of three envelopes. Spend, Give and Save. Such a simple but wonderful concept the basics of managing money. He has even given some money to Annie for helping him out. Actually it was 5 bucks!! I was quite proud. So on occasion when we are out he wants to pay for something we are buying like his egg and cheese sandwich this morning.
For those that are wondering about the financial class I highly reccomend it. You can go here to learn more about it. I will maybe post later about it more indepth another time. Tonight we are having dinner at Jays parents for Jays belated birthday dinner.

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  1. What a great idea- spend, give, save. I really need to work on money management w/ my kids (and, well, I could take a little of my own advice as well). Cute, cute pics!!!

    And, I saw Purl Bee on your bloglist- are you a crafter? Just wondering- I am :) I have some of the humble things I have made on my blog.

    Anyways, done stalking your blog for now. Hope to chat with you soon :)