Friday, May 1, 2009

cramps, contractions and the waiting game...

I've been having cramps and contractions pretty frequently the last couple days. I remember this same thing with Annie. The cramps and contractions for weeks before she was born Although with her it started around 35w, so a little later this time. She was born at 39+3. I'm hoping this one makes her arrival a tad earlier though. Say next weekend.

I talked to the kids last night about the birth and labor. Jaden just kept saying "tell me more,mom!" Annie asked if she could get in the birthing tub with me! Umm I don't think so sweetie. She also keeps talking about teaching the baby to swim in the tub! Too cute.They seem excited about the whole thing.

Today was my last day watching Max. It was fun having him and I am glad I was able to help Kelly and Mike out but, I'm looking forward to spending the next week or two or 4 (ack) resting and nesting!

In other news...we are putting our house on the market mid June so if anyone out there knows anyone who is looking for a great little house send them our way!

I'll leave you with some pictures!

Annie playing at the park while Jaden plays t-ball.

Playing 1st. A favorite postion.

Fielding a ball

Hitting the ball.

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