Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 weeks

4 weeks old today. I feel like I have been on a fluffly white cloud just floating happily through our days. These past 4 weeks have been so euphoric for me. Every time Eliza latches on to nurse I get this overwhelming sense of happiness that flows through me. I couldn't have asked for a better transition to three kids. For myself or for Jaden and Annie. I am soaking it up everyday knowing it could all change in an instant. Or that somewhere down the road it will get harder or maybe just different? Anyway I know far too well things will change and change again and again. So for now I soak up all the sleeping this new little one does, sometimes while just holding her, sometimes carrying her in one of the numerous carriers I have or sometimes just watching her sleep peacefully in her bouncy chair above.
Love this profile picture of Eliza! All three kids had very similar profiles. Little round heads that gently curve into sweet little noses and cute little lips. She has eased so peacefully and sweetly into our lives. She continues to steal our hearts. Jaden and Annie continue to hover and squeeze and kiss her as often as they possibly can. She is showing her strength these days Holding her head with ease and just the other day she is putting pressure on legs and will push herself up to standing when you hold her. She is reminding me of Jaden!

With strawberry season and rhubarb season upon us, there are plans for going strawberry picking. It'll be an adventure just me and the kids but it should be fun. I took them last year and they had so much fun. I have ambitions to make these delicious looking hand pies and even greater ambitions to make strawberry freezer jam. But we'll see how it goes. We may just eat them till we turn red.

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