Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day almost to myself....

Today my sister watched Jaden and Annie for me. She leaves tomorrow for DC then on Mon for Haiti her next adventure. So while my sweet Eliza slept because thats what this little babe does for most of the day (just like her sister did). I decided I was in need of some crafting/sewing time. I took the kids (yes all three!) to the fabric store in order to not have to go today. I could just sit and sew. First up: I was going to just give you a sneek peek at what I worked on for the girls but I managed to mostly finishe them Annies just needs some ribbon trim. So heres the sneek peek picture, I think it's quite a lovely photo.

Here they are finished. Matching skirts for the girls. Elizas is sooo tiny (hehe) I hope it fits I haven't tried it on her yet, shes still sleeping the day away.

This next project was requested by Jaden after seeing this post. Its not done but I do believe it will become a favorite game for us. Just need to figure out how to felt rocks as per the above blogger did or come up with another form of checkers. hmmmm......

And now Eliza has decided to wake and demand to be fed and changed so I must leave you here.

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