Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our little fatty....

So our little Miss Eliza is not so little. She is now "lil fatty" Cause she weighs 10 lbs!! At one month old. 75% percentile. Cracks me up. Her height is 75% too! Not sure what Jaden was at this point I'll have to look and see...I do believe she is going to take after him though and she may be out weighing her older sister very soon. Well a year or so anyway.

She is obviously quite healthy and doing so very well. She looked so big next to the one week old that was in there. In comparison Annie looks so tiny in her swim class. I think I forgot to write about that. Jaden and Annie were signed up for swimming lessons the next two weeks. Its Jadens 3rd year, and Annies 1st. She loves it, and is doing quite well. But she just looks so tiny next to the others in her class, and just in general watching her swim with a kickboard as big as herself!

Jay is hanging in, still in lots of pain. But I think hes going struggle more with being couch/bed bound. Hes used to always being on the go. This is gonna be hard, for him and us. So I need some suggestions for things to get for him. To keep him busy. Any good books out there for him to read that you know of? Movies he should see? Games he could play? I'm still working on that checkers set soon hopefully that'll be good for him to play with Jaden. He's going to get bored quickly of just sittin' and sleepin' soon enough.

Leave me some suggestions in the comments. What would you do if you were couch bound?

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