Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two weeks!!

Our picture is up over at The Birth Center's website go see it:

I meant to post when she was a week old but time just slipped by. Things have been busy here my mom was able to come up last weekend and this past weekend my brother and his two kids were here. It was really nice to see them all! Its been far too long since I saw my brother last.

My sister who has been living with us since the beginning of May has also gone. She moved out on Monday. She was a huge help with the kids and cooking for us. So this week we have been alone, I'm sad its always hard when your family leaves but I am ready to get us on a schedule again and find out own rythym. We have a lot going on this month. Trying to get the house ready to sell, which includes fixing things, painting, packing up the extra stuff and cleaning.

Eliza is doing beautifully. At our one week checkup last friday she was 7lbs 12oz!! Up from 7lbs 2oz the Sat before. She gained 10z in 6 days! She is so sweet and peaceful. A calm demeanor perhaps? We are very blessed!

I am recovering better than I had expected. Feeling not at all like I just gave birth.

But now I have a miserable cold that I am fighting, my sinuses have been killing me, today i have a cough which usually means the end. Oy, not at all what you want with a newborn. Shes atleast getting some good antibodies out of it!

Leaving you with some sweetness:

Sweet Eliza Hope:

Big Brother Jaden and Eliza:

Annie Jaden and Eliza:

Daddy Annie Jaden and Eliza:

Early labor swaying and swinging through the contractions feeling very peaceful, missing my belly already!

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