Saturday, May 23, 2009

The littlest Todd has arrived!

Daddy and Eliza just minutes old. Looking a bit like Mommy!!

We Welcomed Eliza Hope on May 21 (Thursday) at 3:50am.

7lbs 9oz
19 3/4 long

She is perfect in everway. Looking a lot like big brother and a little like Annie. She is sweet and peaceful so far and we are all doing so very well. We are home of course leaving The Birth Center around 10:30 Thursday morning. She is sleeping well and nursing like a champ. I am recovering well myself. I recover almost too quickly and have to make myself stay seated and not overdo it.

Labor was amazing although much longer than we all thought. It started out just like Annies. During the contractions I was standing leaning against the wall and just humming, singing through them, really relaxed and happy. Everyone was just sitting around. We checked in around 6pm got checked and was just around 5cm. I think around 12 ish or so? I got checked again as I was feeling a lot of pressure and a bit pushy. I was only barely a 6. Such hard news to take! My bag of waters however was bulging and acting as a cushion in front of babys head. This was what was slowing things down. The babys head was not fully pushing on my cervix to trigger the hormones to trigger the contx to open my cervix. Midwife said as soon as my water breaks shes just going to fly out! Just like Annie. Well my water broke around 1:15am and baby was NOT flying out LOL! I was pushing hard and strong sitting on a birthing stool. She checked again and realized there was a small bit of cervix still left that baby could not get through. So she had me change postions to hands and knees on bed. OH MAN, the next contraction almost knocked me out but there went that little bit of cervix! Baby started decending nicely but still slowly I had my hand down there and was feeling for her head and just ended up guiding her head out, So amazing! Our midwife then realized Miss Eliza had a hand wrapped around her neck. So I flipped onto my back so she could help maneuver her hand and shoulders out. I reached down and grabbed her. She came out so clean and peaceful, giving just a small cry then quieting down. The midwife and nurse were amazed. All in all it was about 15 hours with only about an hour and a half being intense.

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