Thursday, July 2, 2009


T-minus 8 days till moving in day! Yippee!!! I managed to pack up 9 boxes today. They are all stacked up in a corner of our living room. I take that back they are actually starting to take over our living room!

Jay's follow up went well. He is now in a hard cast just below he knee. 3 weeks with it on. Then 2 weeks with a bubble cast (?) and then physical therapy. This of course could change but we hope he has a speedy recovery. He is really struggling with the sitting on his butt at home thing, and has moments of becoming cranky and irritable. Jeff (a friend and new addition to creative landcare) has been taking him out now and again to look at jobs check on the estate, its been good for Jay to get out. Apparently he had 22 staples put into the side of his leg, Yikes!!

So there you go a little update for you...

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