Monday, June 29, 2009

2 weeks left...

Till we move! I can't believe it. I'm packing and packing but it doesn't feel like its actually happening.

We woke to a BEAUTIFUL morning. Cool and breezy with the sun shining. So I set up the easel outside and let them paint.

5 weeks+
Those big blue eyes~swoon~

Jay is doing better and hasn't needed his pain meds since late Saturday night! He has a follow up appt on Wed, which will give us a better understanding of how long his recovery may be.

I went to a wedding Sat with my in laws. I honestly wasn't too excited about attending without Jay but actually enjoyed myself. Eliza was a dream basically slept the whole time in the sling! As I was eating a peice of cake drinking a cup of decaf coffee I realized I needed to find some more wedding to attend!! How wonderful it was to sit around and have your meal served to you. Your place cleared and your water filled up. I've never really seen a wedding quite in that way. Everyone was oohing and ahhing over my sleeping babe. I love when men come up and notice the sling with the baby inside. I woke here at the end to nurse her before we left so she was awake for bit before we left and all the guys were coming up and telling me about their own little one, so cute! The two married guys sitting at the table were so very sweet and asked often if I needed anything, more coffee, a drink from the bar.

Anyone need a date for a wedding this summer? I am available.

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