Friday, August 28, 2009


With only a few days left till school starts and a summer that seems to have passed us by with little chance to stop and breathe, I've been trying to craft with the kids. The bowls were made by way of papermache inspired from this book. The kids had fun making them.

Can you spot the dog hiding in this picture?

I was inspired to photograph my new aloe plant my mom gave me...
As August draws to a close and our oldest makes the transition to school all day every day I am trying to enjoy what I can of having them all home with me. The transition may be a bit bumpy for a little while as there is already some anxiousness surfacing, but he will LOVE school, this I know.

The house is coming along slowly, my focus is everywhere and nowhere, I am finding it hard to get anything accomplished. The craziness of the summer is finally hitting me and so the settling in is slow going.


  1. I love the paper bowls, they must have been fun to make!
    hehe the dog photo cracked me up! : )
    Enjoy these days!

  2. What a great job! I cant wait to try the paper bowls also! I have Amanda's book and will soon be diving into all its goodness!