Sunday, September 6, 2009

A busy week...

This is how our week ended... two children unable to instead of repeatedly putting them back to there rooms/beds I decided to try a little couch time with a movie. I was hoping they would just pass out but by 10pm they had not so we stopped the movie and we all just went to bed..

This women captured their attention a bit more than I had hoped....

This is what happens when Jaden does the laundry... you may notice that my clothes are not there...he refuses to fold my clothes?? Never has, probably never will. I'm ok with that.

as a side note as of right now while typing this he has just finished organizing the drawers in the kitchen, has cleaned his room, and is now working on the playroom! Who ever marries this boy (man) is going to be one lucky women, a man who cleans is hard to find :)

and in other news we have our first toothless smile...On Monday evening at dinner this lucky boy had a tooth fall into his hands. He is sooo ridiculously excited about it. Every morning this week he looks in the mirror and says "Good Morning" to the hole in his mouth. It really doesn't get any cuter than that. Oh and excuse the dinner mouth we got so excited when it fell out I didn't think to wash his face first. It's been a crazy week here for us. School started and well it's a huge change for us all. Jay has been gone...again, and we are trying to get ourselves into some sort of new routine. I had dog duty over at the estate (where Jay works) and due to a miscommunication spent 45 min searching for dogs that I thought were missing but actually were not :( Atleast the girls were sleeping. I then had to pick up Keith (Jays boss) at the airport. So we are beat all of us. Hopefully the days ahead will be a bit less crazy ....
So theres the week in review... more to come soon.

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