Tuesday, October 6, 2009

we've been decompressing.....

Well really I have. After such a crazy busy but fun summer. I just sort of let myself fall away for awhile. Its been good, really good.

I don't think I posted this yet? It''s is first day of school picture. School is good. It was a bit rough in the beginning, and well there have been a lot of days off so far? Which make is sort of hard. They are just starting to get into learning/teaching mode, after allowing some time to transition into their day. His favorite part is playing soccer during recess. He comes home craving Mama time and needing to just play...... So outside we go for a good hour or more throwing the football or playing soccer.

Fall has arrived...apples, pumpkins, soup hooray! I took the kids apple picking last Monday (no school) and we had a blast! We picked and picked and picked till we had apples spilling out of ours bags and stroller. So now apple pie, crisp, sauce and juice are in our near future. Along with, apple pancakes, apple muffins, cookies and breads!! Ooh there is just so much to bake!

At the moment we are preparing for the arrival of Jason's Mom who is coming home for 2 weeks and a birthday coming up too.... which means I need to get myself in gear and get the house in order for her stay and for lots of little ones running around, in case the weather outside decides to turn it's back on us. At the moment is Beautiful out. A slight chill to the air crisp and clean with lots of sunshine!!

i'll be back with pictures, that are stuck on my camera and we'll have a picture party of the last few weeks....Eliza by the way is 4 months old and so so very close to sitting up by herself, amazing!

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