Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These are the days....

That I ::heart::! It is absolutely gorgeous outside. The wind is blowing hard the leaves are falling everywhere. The doors and windows are open. Its fall and I am so happy it's here!

Inside there is the smell of a chicken cooking preparing to be made into this. Which is a standby during the cooler weather. There is pumpkins bits scattered all over the counter, some waiting to dry (the seeds) some waiting to be cooked, others waiting to be taken to the compost. The pumpkin is being prepared for a little bit of these and possibly this. A sweet babe playing with her hands and a finally quiet 3 yr old playing contently in her room.

Its been a great day, one of those days that makes you smile and burst with happy contentment inside. One that for me I seem to be having more of lately. Possibly because I am finding that I like the feeling, I love that feeling and so I don't try to force it I just let it happen. I go about our day and noticing when I have those feelings then I try to hold on to them and just let them hang out! Of course somedays I when I have that feeling it's only for a fleeting moment but still its enough to remind me of the goodness in my life.

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