Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween.....

On Friday Annie, Eliza and I walked down to the library. I'm glad it's so close unfortunately its the one I don't like. Not at all very welcoming to children. But after yet another cloudy dreary day we needed to get out and since it wasn't raining we walked. She wanted to take her baby along she carried her in her pouch like Mama carried Eliza!.
It was quite the experience. Next time I do need to remember to bring a different book bag and the stroller. I only had my backpack which is small. So I carried Eliza, the heavy backpack, the books that wouldn't fit in the backpack and eventually the baby and her carrier. But it was fun and we brought home some good books and it was nice to get out and walk somewhere.

::This is the star I made for the fairy that never was.

::Eliza hope~ 5 months

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