Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It has become a bit of a newish creative outlet for me. Its like a new craving. Mostly in part due to the nature that when I draw I feel happy with how it (whatever it is turns out) I'm not irritated that I can't get it just right or that its something I just can't seem to draw. Or stumped on what to actually draw. I have always loved to draw but just never felt like I was able to connect with it.

But lately I do feel a connection and a strong desire to draw and it's really nice. I feel like I've been searching deep down for my creative side. This part of me that I know is in there and I want to explore it. I want to bring it out and see where it goes. It's like a part of me that has always been there but just never really found or really paid attention to. It makes me happy to create. To sew and draw and knit. There is such a sense of completion and satisfaction and self worth that I feel when I make things. And that is a good thing.

With that small little bit of me I leave you with our family in paper doll form.

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