Friday, November 6, 2009

What I'm doing right now...

Enjoying the weather I believe it's warmer outside than it is inside. Which prompted me to take my weekly recipe collecting outside.
'I'm searching through this fun new cookbook that Annie and I got at the library. Its really cute lots of fun recipes On the list this week the crunchy fruity granola and the chewy energy circles. The kids love to eat granola-y things so I thought I's try out a couple new ideas.

Ahh the clipboard my new set up for my weekly meal ideas. I write out our dinners on the paper then put my grocery list on the notecard. The meals are written out weekly, usually there is a dessert or snack I want to make to during the day so I add that to whatever day I think would be best to make it. This is working well for me and its one of the strange little ways that I am actually organized.

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  1. I love weekly menu planning. But I must admit that I fall off the wagon a lot. I need to really push myself to get back on because it saves us so much money when I plan ahead.