Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Bella....

Bella is a 7 month old 98 lb Great Dane.
Bella is our Foster dog. She is so so sweet and gentle and while most Great Danes become very large. Bella we are told should not grow much more. She is about the size of Sam. She is so different from Sam at 7 months, He was crazy still nipping and running circles around us. Such a difference in breeds. We installed an electric fence so that they could have free roam of our yard. It is wonderful to be able to take them outside with us and have them stay in the yard. We considered a fence but it is only allowed in the backyard and we spend a lot of time out front too I didn't want them stuck in the back yard. Sam only needed one small shock and he is now very aware of the line. Phew! Bella has one at her other house and was already trained.

Sam is adjusting to having a pup in the house who wants to play and take his food. As are the kids, she is a licker and a snuggling dog and if you go down she goes down on top of you to snuggle.

As a side note Eliza went in at 5 months for a checkup and she is 14 lbs 12oz and 26 in long. A giant compared to Annie at that age and about the same as Jaden. She is doing beautifully and has found her happy voice a very high pitched screech. that just echo's throughout the house!

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