Sunday, November 22, 2009

we're outta here!!!

We are headed to the warm state of Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom. My sister and grandparents will also be there. I am so excited!! A whole week with the family!!

For some reason I got this urge to sew yesterday. Something I have been wanting to do but just haven't been able to get my brain together to make something. Well as I was fingering through the pages of this book yesterday and happened upon her Treasure bags. I just knew I HAD to make them. They would be perfect as small airplane bags for the kids then serve double duty as there treasure bags while on the beach.
Basically its a bag made from window screens or mesh. The idea is to repurpose used materials and that was the plan as Jay had some screens at his shop at work but as today dwindled and the chance of him getting out there became nill and my NEED to make these two bags was very apparent, because we are going to Florida and the beach near my Moma's house is FILLED with shark's teeth and shells and all sorts of lovely things to collect. Which is just what these bags are for hence them being made with screens to filter out the sand and dirt, and they also needed there own little bag for the plane to carry the things that are going to try and keep then calm and quiet and the people around us happy. So my dear husband went to the local hardward store and got us a roll of screen which isn't exactly repurposing materials but I do plan on making more of these super fun, easy to make bags.

The book by the way is just lovely! We've made a couple of the paper mache bowls and I have intentions of making two of the towel mats but turning one into a dish drying mat. I have already started collecting fabric for the beach blanket, which will most likely end up as our daily picnic blanket when it gets warm. Since we don't really go to the beach.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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