Friday, February 5, 2010



This post is making me really happy this morning...all those cheery colors! plus I really need to make us a bunch of bags for all sorts of different things, so seeing this post is getting me geared up!

also this one is really hitting home with me. So much of what I want for our day resembles a sort of rhythm not a schedule but I am having trouble focusing on making the rhythms actually happen, this post is helping along with this book which I am finally getting a chance to sit down and read!!
and this sweater which reminds me of this sweater. Which is something I one day want to

Oh and this picture: love, swoon! so many good things...the table the light fixture, the exposed beam, the color of the wood. Really its just beautiful!

I'm trying to find my way back here again. Trying to decide how to best use this space. Someday I'll get around to fixing it up the way I would like it to look but that involves editing and html's and all sorts of computer language that I don't understand. Someday though.

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