Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow snow snow...

I feel like I'm back in New England again with these storms that we are having! The wind is whipping, the snow is flying. It started to snow sometime last night just around dark. This morning we woke and I think there's a foot and a half out there. It looks like there is about as much snow as we got total the last storm in Dec. I think it's supposed to snow all day too!


Of course a storm means lots of baking
First up Scones.
From Molly's book Homemade Life
It's the kind of book you read that makes you feel all warm and cozy.
Like your sitting next to her at the table sipping tea/coffee, while she tells you her story,
which is really quite nice. As are these scones!


Later today there will be some banana ginger bread from the book too
I'm quite partial to my mothers banana bread but hers sounds delicious!

Yesterday Annie and I made play dough hearts
the dough hardens so then we were able to paint them. Today we'll tie string around them and hang them up

She then went on to paint her arm!


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