Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh sweet, yummy, smooth, creamy, delicious Hot Chocolate...where have you been all my life?

look at the frothy goodness sitting at the top. I was never really a hot chocolate girl. I actually preferred to eat the hot chocolate contents straight from the package, just sorta dumping it down my throat. I would often hide in our pantry to do this! I also never fully mixed it so that I could eat the particles are cocoa dust in big clumps. I also did this with oatmeal packs too eating them straight from their pouch.

But THIS, this Hot Chocolate, Molly posted over on her blog Orangette is udderly amazing! The kids are also in agreeance!

I should say, i have not bought packaged hot chocolate in eons. In recent times I have been whipping up a very insuperior homemade kind with cocoa, milk and sugar. The kids like it, request when they come in from a cold snowy day and drink most of it.

Then I saw that post above and after insane amounts of snow being dropped on us this past week I made it.

and they drank it

and they wanted more

but there was not more

because Mommy had already had more


because it was that good.
So you should all go and make it for yourselves.
Cause it's that good.

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