Saturday, February 13, 2010

I turned a year older on Friday.

This is not me a year older. ;)

This is me age 8.

Just after cutting off my long, very long, down to my butt, long hair.

I love how such pictures can conjure up such memories of a moment in your past.

My mom was pregnant with my little sister and mentioned that she would not be able to wash my hair as often and that I would be washing it myself, so the option was mentioned, of cutting it.

I don't know how we went from never cutting my hair to chopping it all off? But we did, and this was the result.

The hairstylist cut off the ponytail I was wearing. My mom still has it, saved in a plastic bag. She always kept it in the same draw in her bureau and I often would open the draw just too see my

I wore those little, thin plastic headbands in my hair.

Everyone who sees this picture says I look the same, exactly the same.

I am okay with that especially as I get older.

I like that I look young, feel young, act young (most of the time)

The last year was a big year for me, for us as a family.

I had a lot of those 'lightbulb" moments where all of a sudden something in life finally makes sense.

I like those moments.

I wish they came more often.

Some were big and profound,

some were just small little ones.

I hope this year goes by a bit slower.

Last year went to fast

"Bloom where you are planted", or in my case "transplanted".

This is very hard for me, but I am working on it.

31 is going to be GREAT~

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