Thursday, February 25, 2010

This was sweet little A yesterday::

My fever baby. Just like her mama used to be. She's been fighting a cold for a couple weeks now unable to shake then just as it seemed like she was on her way to getting over it, a fever hits, a belly bug too. Her body knew just what it needed to do: Sleep, and sleep and then sleep some more.

A quick note about the quilt that is surrounding her: I keep meaning to post about it on here and it really deserves it's own space but... it was made by my own mom and given to me just after giving birth to my oldest. It was given with this book, which is really just the sweetest book! This quilt stayed on our bed for quite some time, but then Annie came along and so did the sick bugs, and fevers and pulled wisdom teeth, and well it has gradually turned into our comfort quilt. Our sick quilt. It's heavy and warm but not too warm or too heavy:: just right:: It's perfect for wrapping yourself in when the chills hit, when you feel at worst. When you need love and comfort wrapped around you. I love it. I love that my mom made it, I love that it's made of my old clothes, I love that I remember what outfit some of them came from too......hmmm that wasn't a quick note was it?!

Anyway that picture was yesterday and the one below is today late morning, she is coming around. Waking up a bit, eating a bit and that is good, it means her body is recovering, finally growing stronger and healthier yet again, and I am thankful. Thankful that my children do not get so ill that it requires doctors and hospitals, thankful they recover quickly, thankful that they bounce right back.

but she is not 100 percent and so there is bit of this::

while I do a bit of this::

and we both drink from these::

we also did some reading on this snowy day::

As much as I do not like seeing my children sick. I've always enjoyed the nurturing aspect that occurs when my children are sick, especially the fever times. It doesn't just slow them down it stops them. It places them quietly on the couch, in their bed, on my lap for a brief moment in our day. It allows me a moment to stop myself, and sit quietly with them, beside them, just being near them which seems to be what they need, their mama right there next to them. I like that, because those quiet moments are hard to come by during our normal healthy sick free days.

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  1. Such a lovely post! I hope your little one gets better soon