Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's been a quiet morning, but one little girl has been busy at work/play. These legos come out every now and again but rarely does she build with them, mostly she just made a mess!
But this morning was different, she sat down at the table on her own and began to build.
She didn't talk or eat just built, normally this is a whole lot of eating and talking going on always no matter what she is doing...instead there was a whole lot of concentrating going on.
It was really neat to see this in my sweet girl, my bouncing from one thing to the next girl.
She is of course 4 now and 4 is so BIG, so old~ with 4 comes the ability to learn and do so many new things...
This is one of those moments of parenthood that I love...the moments where you can just all of a sudden see them changing right before your eyes, when they just start doing something new they've never done before but it's like they've been doing it for ages....
It of course also means they are growing up but watching them grow and change and learn new things is really the best part!

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