Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day.....

It's quiet here still, except for the sweet noises of this little one who will be soon, be turning 1. Who just so happens to be doing the exact same thing this morning...playing in the recycling

The beautiful music of Ingrid Michaelson is playing. A cup of coffee is being enjoyed, and the coo, a bit too cool breeze is blowing through the windows, and actually it is so cool I am in long pants my favorite slippers (that I thought would have found their way into my closet by now) and a sweatshirt. Mostly because it is that cold.. 47 degrees I believe (730am) and partly because I am refusing to close the windows.

Daddy and the kids are still sleeping and while it does seem a bit backwords for me to be up so early and them to be sleeping on Mother's day and all, but I am really not one for sleeping in anymore. I have grown to enjoy, even love my early mornings, I love the quiet stillness of the house, I love noticing how the rooms change with color as the sun rises. I love watching Eliza (who is almost always up with me) move about the house in her own little world discovering new things. Always popping back into the kitchen to see me and give me a quick smile or giggle or touch, like she's checking with me.

This cute, happy little creature was discovered by Jaden, a baby grasshopper perhaps? We are not entirely sure....He looks as if he is raising his antennae at me as we would raise an eyebrow....

As I fell asleep last night with Jaden and Annie snuggled next to me, I couldn't help but feel blessed and so thankful they chose me to be their Mama.

On this Mother's day I also think of my own Moma, who surrendered herself at such a young age, who gave up so much of her own self, to be the best mama she could be.

Happy Mother's Day!!

and lastly this too is making me happy, balls of torn of thrifted sheets.....
being made into a rag rug....for a living room in dire need of a soft spot to sit on.....

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