Thursday, May 13, 2010

one growing, one waiting...

This is so much fun to make! Aside from the cutting up of the sheets. It goes quite fast too, which is nice. There has been a change as to where it's going to end up. Jaden has taken a liking to it and asked if he could have it in his room? I agreed and thought with the colors that are in it so far it would suit his room better than in the living room, which I think needs a more muted palete, but bright? Hmm I'll have to think about it..

This lovely stack of sheets is patiently waiting to be turned into a outside blanket for us. We really do need one. I found the pattern in soulemama's Handmade Home book. She just finished writing her third book, and I am eagerly awaiting to her what it is about!!

Oh and as a funny this note that bright pink peeking out just above the bottom stack off yellow sheets well I found it over here... scroll to the first picture, see that ball of sheet rolled up yup I found the same one at the thrift store! I just thought that was kinda cool. Oh and her rag rug is Beautiful!!!

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