Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday wishes...

This is my beautiful little sister Jame Ella. She is 23 today! She is am amazing human being.
She is currently in Vt visiting family and friend before she heads to Haiti with her boyfriend Matt. This is her 4th? time in Haiti I believe, I've lost count. Anyway she will be living in a vegan community learning their sustainable farming techniques and ways. Something that is very much needed on the other side of Haiti (they will be near the Dominican Republic side.)They will spend 3 months there before returning to the states and going off on another adventure, one that is in the works but may involve: bikes, and country roads!

Although we will miss her dearly and have very much enjoyed having her around the last 4.5 years I am quite excited to see where she takes herself in this world. Plus it's great material for encouraging world studies in my little homeschoolers!

and if you have any interest she has her own blog.

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