Monday, September 20, 2010

home again home again....

Well after a 2 week hiatus in which I had planned on posting and putting up pictures, which as you can see did not happen, I am back. We took an originally planned then canceled then back on again trip Westward. The five of us a Great Dane and a suburban! We were bringing our foster doggy Bella back to her owner (jay's boss) out in Wyoming, along with his car. The plan was for the kids and I to stay at Nana and Popa's house while Jay went on to Jackson Hole to drop off dog and car and spend some time with Keith.

The drive out there was fantastic, it took 2 FULL days and then we had just a short 1.5 hour drive on the third day. The ride back was a bit more eventful, with the other suburban we were driving back home broke down just close enough to the off ramp that we were able to roll up the exit and over to the gas station. Were we flagged down a farmer just getting off of work, who called his buddy to come and help, and whom them called the local tower to come get us. The guys could talk! As can Jay and so we spent a hour talking and waiting and talking some more, the kids played in he car all the while. We learned that all those sunflowers they grow are for oil, the weird grain growing that I could not figure out what is was is Millo, which is grown for feed for the cows but apparently is EXCELLENT when cooked like popcorn! We also learned that one Windmill (of the hundred we saw) can produce enough energy to heat 300 homes~ We also learned that Famers in Kansas DO NOT like cars from outside the USA and so thankfully we had a Chevy, otherwise they may have just left us there~ of course Chevy is a gov't engine and so it has it's own issues, one famer was a Ford guy the other a Dodge....The Dodge guy has just recently returned from a stint in...I can't remember but his troop was called upon for the army reserves, he has a wife and 8m old., they are moving back to Ellsworth(the small little Kansas town we broke down in) and he just got a job with one of the farms there. There is something I like about hearing the stories of others. Always seems to bring me back to earth from wherever I seemed to have too. So anyway our "non-hick" town had a hotel, gas station Alco, DQ, Pizza Hut, John Deer supply store, auto body shope and a car dealership (used), of course it was 11 miles from the highway, so we all piled into the front of the tow truck, with kids on laps and drove to our "non-hick" town. We then ate at Pizza Hut, slept in the hotel, then woke had a hotel breakfast, shopped at Alco, and just before we left ate Blizzards and lunch at the DQ! Ahh it was grand....grand i tell you!~ The mechanic had to drive an hour each way to get our parts and thanfully had us on the road again by 12pm the next day. We were thanfull to them all for helping us without a second thought, without wanting anything, just happy to help because they can, they insisted we pay it forward and do the same for someone else, we agreed.

Of course missing aprox. 9 hours of driving time and really throw things off, so to make up for it Jay insisted we drive till midnight that night( remember this is on the way home) I should also state that by breaking down where and when we did, we missed a softball size hail, tornados and lots of wind and I'm totally cook with breaking down, rather than going through storms.

The rest of our journey was good, crazy at times but good, and we made it home safely around dinner time on the third day....

to be continued.....

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