Monday, August 23, 2010


This has been the standard position for the last two days well going on three now. If she's not sprawled out, she's curled into a ball under our sick quilt. Which is in need of mending these's really very much loved!

They girls are sick, sick, sick. Stomach bugs, most likely.Rotavirus perhaps? they are troopers though, both of them. Annie is sleeping the days away waking here and there to attempt to be involved in whatever I am doing...not long after her head is down on whatever object is closest to her and she is back in a haze. Eliza has been her happy, go- lucky self until this afternoon. They've both had it for the last two full days and I am sure it will still be around tomorrow. They are both drinking, little sips of plain water, coconut water, and watermelon juice, and eating a bit of yogurt, baby cereal here and there. Which is good, of course they are throwing most of it up but I think at least some of it is staying down. Trying as best I can to keep them from dehydrating.

Somehow I have had lots of down time (the girls do love to just sleep when they are sick, which is really a blessing, and I am thankful they're bodies know what they need)...and with a bit of a push on my part managed to actually sit at my sewing machine and ease back in to's been forever it seems since I sewed something. It's still in the works, both of the projects but I'll get them up here as soon as they are done. They are both projects that I can sit for just a few minutes and get a little bit done each time. Not huge time takers which is good.

The rest of this household, is fighting really hard to keep those germs away from us, especially this mama! Ginger and garlic tea, along with some probiotics are a must!

My computers charger cord got chewed so it's been dead for the last little while, so I haven't downloaded any pictures lately, that will be a good project for today.

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