Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the birds..

and the squirrels too...

We decided to put our tree outside and decorate it with some treats for the animals.

Eliza mostly just walked around eating the snow...

We had saved our huge sunflower heads and seed from our garden and had them drying in the garage we took one down got some loose seeds off of it and mixed with some raw sunflower seeds we coated a toilet paper tube with sunflower seed butter (all I had) and rolled it in the seeds, poke a hole in the top strung it with string and voila instant bird feeder.
Annie decided we should stick the big sunflower head on the top like a star..
We had a couple storms come through that left us with a couple inches of snow...and since it has been quite cold it has stuck around which has been nice. We are currently hunkered down while outside the snow falls quickly and quietly, Jaden is hoping for a foot as am I but the weatherman is saying not so much...In the morning we will be greeted with a beautiful view of freshly fallen snow and three children who will be ready to go out within minutes of opening there eyes.
It'll be a good day..a day spent outside and inside and outside and inside. A day of soup and hot chocolate and warm woolies....Ahh love those snow days.

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