Sunday, January 9, 2011

a year of me....

I had meant to post about Christmas and Solstice and I just kept avoiding it. We had a quiet but busy holiday month and enjoyed having my mom in town from Florida to stay and spend Solstice and Christmas with us. There was lots of baking, cooking and merry making!

Here is it Jan 9 and with the holiday decorations down I am reorganizing our furniture and trying to find homes for things that were put out of place. We switched around two of our rooms and so I am now trying to reorganize where things are going to go....

I have signed up for Shannon's :: Inside Out E-course :: I am quite excited about this class, but also a bit anxious ( although the nerves are calming down)

We are working our way back into the groove of things, and still trying to seek that rhythm that works for us...I've been reading over here at this blog for inspiration.

In this coming new year I am going to make a commitment to blog at least a few days a week. Blogging lately is something I have struggled with..I get all caught up in other blogs and begin to feel a but self conscious in my own writings and pictures but at the same time feel so inspired by reading them.

2011 is going to be a year of me. A year of self discovery. A year to live with intent and purpose so that in turn I can show, teach and help my children do the same, live with intent. Instead of just moving through the days in a robotic motion. Now I have begun to make this change already last year I began working on that. But there are many days that go by that I know were mindless and without intent. So my desire is to decrease those days even more and increase the days of intent and purpose and living and being happy and creating ART! Oh how I want to create, and then sit back and look at my creations and feel proud of them!

Of course I have a family and a house and friends and a life and I can't just up and leave to go seek my inner most desires and I will need to be creative in my process of finding time for me and finding time to create and then finding time to document...

2011 is going to be a great year!!

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