Saturday, May 26, 2012

I come from...

For the last 4 months Jaden and Annie have been attending a Homeschool program on Mondays. It was held at a Montessori school nearby. They took 4 classes every week. Creative Writing, Art, French and Technology. They loved it! They were with other kids who were homeschooled and I got to have a little break before and after the birth of Juniper. Giving this Mama a bit of one on one time with my two littlest girls.They came home with the following poems/writings that they did in their creative writing class and then typed them on computers in Technology...


I come from the park;
I play tag.
I come from the store;
I buy things with my mom.
I come from Rita's;
I get water ice with my family.
I come from Dora;
she dances with me.
I come from Barbie;
I play with my friends and their Barbies.
I come from Power Rangers;
I play with my brother.
I come from Mom;
she plays with me.
I come from my Dad;
he takes me to work sometimes.
I come from Jaden;
he lets me go to his friends house with him.
I come from Eliza;
she plays with me a lot.
I come from Juniper;
she hugs me and smiles a lot.


I come from my Beyblades;
I play with them.
I come from my money;
I count it.
I come from my Lego sets;
I build with them.
I come from Roller Skating;
I do it with my sister.
I come from my baseball;
I play it all the time.
I come from my shark teeth;
I make necklaces.
I come from my cousins house;
where I play.
I come from my room;
I go in my fort.
I come from Florida;
where I swim.
I come from WMS;
where I do work.
I come from Colorado;
where I ski.
I come from mom;
we do school work.
I come from dad;
we play remote control cars.
I come from Nana;
we make breakfast.
I come from Noni;
we find shark teeth.
I come from Jamie;
we go to the city.
I come from Papa;
we play checkers.

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