Sunday, May 13, 2012


Inspired by: Amanda at habitofbeing

Dinner out just me, my love and my littlest girl to celebrate,
10 years of marriage.
Remembering how hard those first few years were, thinking about how different life is these days.
Late night snuggles
with overtired girls who took in too much sugar
from a birthday party earlier in the day
Sleeping in.
Being met when I did wake with my almost 3 yr declaring she pooped in her diaper, the same girl mind you that has been diaper free during the day for almost a year.
Laughing about the irony of it as I cleaned her up.
Being handed freshly picked strawberries from the garden, and a coffee upon my arrival downstairs.
Along with a clean kitchen and living room and dining room and family room. There were some very busy bees at my house this morning!
Allowing myself to just sit, coffee in hand and do nothing.
Realizing i need to do it more often.
Sending love and light and warmth to a friend who's husband passed yesterday.
Happy mothers day to all of you who mother and tend and take care of others.

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